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Our eyes say so much about who we are. We want them to twinkle, shine and convey the confidence we feel inside. However, over time our eyes start to wrinkle, sag, puff and discolor. Years of cringing with expression take its toll, and common “crow’s feet” appear in the corners of our eyes—and stick around. When we’re tired or stressed, these conditions can show up even more dramatically as dark circles, bags and other unsightly side effects.

Our faces remain front and center—the first part of our body we present to the world. Given that the eyes are one of our most prominent features, it’s no wonder that the eyelift, also known as blepharoplasty, is one of the most commonly requested procedures. After all, who wouldn’t want to get rid of tired-looking eyes?We all age differently based on factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and skin quality and structure. That means people of all different backgrounds and at different stages in life come to Dr. Brent J. Smith to help them look younger and healthier. There are many different types of eye-related issues that trigger prospective patients to consider blepharoplasty. These include:

Blepharoplasty is a form of facial cosmetic surgery designed to treat upper, lower or both parts of the eye. An eyelift is helpful for lower-eye issues such as “hallowing,” or troughs created by fat loss under the eye, as well as the opposite problem of “bags,” which are created when older fat deposits expand and bulge. Sometimes drooping skin above the eye can interfere with vision, which blepharoplasty can also address by tightening the skin and musculature around the eyes. Additionally, during an eyelift, a supplementary “browlift” can treat sagging skin, “hooding” of the upper eyelids and even forehead lines that add age to the eyes.

Dr. Smith may also recommend procedures that complement the eyelid surgery such as a brow lift or laser skin resurfacing.  These additional procedures can help to eliminate other issues such as a furrowed brow, sagging eyebrows, dark circles, and fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes.​

At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we commonly use Eye lid lift and brow surgery lift to treat:

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