Three Common Signs of Aging You Can Overcome

3 Common Signs of Aging You Can Overcome

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Our faces are a complex fusion of skin, fat, muscle and bones—all of which can change dramatically as we age. At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we counsel people every day who know that their smooth, youthful appearance has changed, but they’re not sure why or how to start combating those common signs of aging.

Before Dr. Brent Smith, Colorado’s premier facial cosmetic surgeon, customizes an individual treatment plan designed to turn back time, he feels it’s important that each patient understand some of the ways our faces age.

Decreasing volume. Age-related changes typically lead to a decrease in facial fat, causing bones to reshape around such biological shifts. This often creates a thinning look that’s most obvious in the “hollowed” contours of the cheeks and other progressively “sunken” areas of the face.

Increasing looseness. As we age, skin naturally becomes more lax and less supple. Muscles, fascia (thick tissue) and collagen that support facial curves weaken over time, and gravity takes its toll. Skin laxity or “sagging” skin leads to diminished definition as the building blocks of the face break down.

Changing coloration. Our sensitive facial skin can only take so much. Both internal and external factors, such as sun exposure, changing hormones and even genetic variables, eventually damage melanin, or the skin’s natural pigment.

However, the beauty of aging today is … we don’t really have to! Technological advances in medical-grade skin care products, laser resurfacing and facial plastic surgery procedures are giving patients exciting ways to regain their youthful appearance of the past.

Smith Cosmetic Surgery guides their patients through a plan tailored for each individual face. For some, it starts with intensifying a daily skin care routine with a scientifically advanced physician-only skincare line. A step up from taking care of aging skin topically is a non-surgical laser treatment, such fractional CO2 laser skin renewal and hyper-pigmented lesion treatments. For those struggling with decreasing volume and lines across the forehead and around the eyes, facial injectables like Juvederm and Botox have also become lifelines.

For people who are ready to make a more permanent move to a natural, more youthful look, we recommend the popular mini-facelift, an all-inclusive solution to address common age-related side effects including double chin and “turkey neck.”

Selecting a facial cosmetic surgeon is an important decision. Dr. Brent Smith is a highly skilled and dedicated surgeon with compassion and credentials. If you are looking for a cosmetic facial specialist with a kind heart and an impressive record, call Smith Cosmetic Surgery today at 303.741.2211 for a complimentary consultation directly with Dr. Brent Smith. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and explore some customized options that can help you “turn back the hands of time”!