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We know that for many patients the choice to undergo plastic surgery comes with financial limitations. The question for a majority of people considering a plastic surgery procedure is: What are my options for financing cosmetic surgery? Board-certified Centennial plastic surgeon Dr. Brent J. Smith is so committed to helping people achieve the natural, youthful-looking face they desire, that the practice and staff put extra attention on customized financing to help make your dream a reality Smith Cosmetic Surgery partners with the longstanding medical financing company CareCredit, which can structure a variety of repayment programs, including our popular six-month 0% repayment term

Financing Cosmetic Surgery CO Smith Cosmetic Surgery

If longer repayment terms are needed this can be accomplished under traditional repayment methods from 24-60 months. We’ve carefully chosen this trusted, industry-specific organization to work directly with our loyal clients. CareCredit operates with the utmost integrity and none of the hidden fees.

Smith Cosmetic Surgery also accepts all forms of credit cards, as well as bank or personal checks


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Lorayn takes great pride in representing Dr. Smith and the staff of Smith Cosmetic Surgery. Lorayn has worked alongside Dr. Smith for more than ten years and has played a key role in aligning the standard of care you will experience from the Smith Cosmetic Surgery team to the excellence of Dr. Smith’s work.
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