Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Brent Smith and Dr. Cory Bovenzi specialize in facial plastic surgery. Using their experience, precision, and extensive training, they can advise you on the cosmetic procedure you desire and help you make an informed decision about your surgery, helping you get the look of your dreams and the confidence you deserve.

Smith Cosmetic Surgery has been one man’s vision to cultivate one place dedicated to the highest level of plastic surgery and aesthetics for the face.

As the founding father of Denver’s most trusted facial plastic surgery center, Dr. Brent J. Smith undertook a multi-year project to identify the perfect professional to carry on his legacy. And we know that the lineage will more than live on under the steady, compassionate hands and heart of Dr. Cory Bovenzi.

As Dr. Smith turns over facial plastic surgeries to Dr. Bovenzi this year, he is not exiting a practice he’s spent a lifetime career creating. In fact, Dr. Smith will be applying the same creative skills that drew him to the facial sub-specialization on guaranteeing the future of one legendary medical and aesthetic practice.

A long road to the perfect fit

“With the reputation we have built, it’s so important to me that the legacy goes on,” Dr. Smith says. “But it’s equally important to the perfectionist in me that those who continue the practice do so with the same morals and commitment to excellence that we have upheld for 35 years.”

Dr. Smith’s sons are both doctors; they chose the specialties of ER and radiology. With these decisions made, he knew it was time to look outside the family for someone to lead the next generation of Smith Cosmetic Surgery. “It took me 8 years, vetting over 100 doctors, to find the right person and the right formula for this legacy to continue,” he says. “And let’s just say I got my first-round draft pick.”

In many ways, it has been exactly like passing the torch to a prodigal son. The staff remarks that the similarities between Dr. Smith and Dr. Bovenzi are uncanny. “We are similar in all the ways that have led to success—and only doing the best type of work,” says Dr. Smith.

Welcome Dr. Cory Bovenzi

There was no doubt that Dr. Bovenzi was the one. His unmatched experience and respect for Dr. Smith’s pioneering, track record and patient approach was clear. “He is a phenomenal surgeon, yet also humble, understanding and just a down-to-earth guy who is easy to get along with,” says Dr. Bovenzi of Dr. Smith.

There are 10 different ways to do a facelift, but the two surgeons’ techniques are almost identical. “We both breathed a sigh of relief. We knew it was going to be a great match,” Dr. Bovenzi says. “It was obvious that we wanted the same things for our patients, staff and the practice.”

Much like the artistic bent that Dr. Smith always brings to his facial surgeries, he appreciated the creative pathway that eventually led Dr. Bovenzi to the sub-specialization of facial plastic surgery. “He is sharp and smart with strong surgical and people skills, but I loved that he’d worked labor, too, doing electrical and roofing work early on,” says Dr. Smith. “It reminded me of my days working at a paint shop and in construction. Honestly, those jobs help make people the person they are.”

A fresh face for the future

Dr. Bovenzi sees that same kind of hard work, dedication and deep passion in the long-time staff members who have made Smith Cosmetic Surgery a national leader for patient experience. It’s no accident that clients regularly rave about the care they received at Smith Cosmetic Surgery before, during and after a procedure. Every person, every detail, matters. And Dr. Bovenzi won’t touch what’s already working.

“Our staff is a source of incredible support for both patients and us as surgeons,” Dr. Bovenzi says. “We use resources that people can relate to and many of our staff members have had their own procedures, so they can talk about what to expect. Not all patients want to talk to their surgeon about the nitty-gritty, but they know they can ask our staff anything.”

Dr. Bovenzi, surrounded by the same incredible Smith Cosmetic Surgery team that patients have come to know and love, is ready for the next chapter. The experience won’t change, and it starts the moment someone walks in the door.

“Our team has such a kind disposition and they can connect with anyone. They go above and beyond. They are truly invested in these patients, offering constant reassurance, knowledge, and compassion.” And that doesn’t go unnoticed.

In addition to supporting a strong staff to carry on the Smith Cosmetic Surgery legacy of excellence, Dr. Bovenzi is committed to continuing education and professional training. He’s involved in the annual conference for plastic surgery, studies all major academic journals and enjoys being part of the medical community, specifically through a journal club for surgeons.

“This part of the job is key, because in these environments I have the chance to talk to other practicing surgeons about what works—and what doesn’t,” he says, referring to a new Botox formulation that didn’t hold. “Sometimes it’s about monitoring what’s out there and then sticking with what we know already works.”

One man, one unwavering legacy

To be sure, Dr. Smith figured out what works for an enduring facial plastic surgery practice in Colorado. And he knows what will fuel continued success in the future: keeping an ultra-high standard of care and results front and center.

“As time goes on, there will be room for growth in both surgical and non-surgical areas, especially pre-juventation and rejuvenation,” he says. “But we know our core group is still delivering super high-quality care—and we are laser focused on maintaining that.”

For now, passing the baton in the surgical suite is easy. Dr. Bovenzi is the next great iteration of Smith Cosmetic Surgery. And while Dr. Smith may step behind the curtain, there is no doubt his presence will continue to be felt throughout Smith Cosmetic Surgery.

“All I can ask for in the future is to have patients seek us out, knowing that when they come, they will be among the best,” Dr. Smith says. “Where the practice may grow, may it only grow with excellence.”