Five Ways to Treat Yourself While Recovering

5 Ways to Treat Yourself While Recovering

It’s a busy time at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center. So many people have decided that forced downtime is the perfect pause to get the facelift they’ve been dreaming of.

Being at home allows for ample time to recover from any facial plastic surgery procedure. Our patients are free to use both our in-house recovery tools while also resting comfortably at home while they recalibrate over a few weeks.

The pandemic has also given people another important impetus: permission. It’s been a long haul during the rise and fall of COVID-19. And a mini facelift or specific medical aesthetic treatment can do wonders for the spirit. Now more than ever people are craving something that will make them feel confident and in control in a world that seems in constant flux.

We couldn’t agree more: It’s an ideal time to give yourself the facial plastic surgery gift you’ve been pondering for years. And we know another critical consideration: There’s been no better time to recuperate and treat yourself with compassion during the healing process.

Healing from a facelift: tips and tricks

So, whether you’re scheduling your first facelift and mapping out the recommended healing period, or you’ve already entered the first stages of the multi-week recovery process, we want to share some advice we hope you find helpful.

Remember, our very own practice manager entrusted her facelift journey to Dr. Smith. Her recovery was very personal and eye-opening. And it gave Lorayn great insight into what Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center clients are really wondering about before, during and after a facial plastic surgery produce.

Here are a few tips and tricks straight from the source. Now that you have the time to dedicate to healing properly, give yourself these important treats as you rest, recover, and prepare to step back into a post-pandemic world with a fresh look — and attitude.

1) Use our tools.

First, don’t ever feel like you must go it alone. We invite all of our facelift patients to use Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center’s Rapid Recovery program.

Dr. Brent Smith invested significant resources into designing and developing a customized in-house surgical suite to support your every post-op need.

You don’t have to lift a finger. Our team will guide you through the recommended procedures to speed recovery, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and nourishing skin supplements.

Our five-day Rapid Recovery program is designed to kick start your healing with the industry’s most advanced tools, plus the psychological support you may need to keep up your efforts.

2) Master positive self-talk.

Ask any therapist: Positive self-talk is a great trick and pick-me-up any time in life, but this technique is critical while you’re recovering from a facial plastic surgery procedure.

Why? Well, it’s a little hard to look in the mirror at first. And while we all know that inflammation and redness is a common and temporary side effect of a facelift, it’s still hard to focus on the positives the week following a plastic surgery procedure.

But believe us, trusting in the journey is the best thing you can do. Give yourself constant daily reminders that recovery is a process — not an instantly achieved state.

Each day will bring tiny bits of healing. And instead of beating yourself up for not healing faster, give yourself little affirmations that you will come out the other side a new person.

When in doubt — because there will be plenty of those moments — read Lorayn’s story. Call our staff: We walk clients through this every day and can provide additional support while you heal. And, perhaps most importantly, take comfort in knowing that you’re in expert hands: Dr. Smith has been operating exclusively on faces for decades.

3) Lean on others.

You know you have the staff and friends at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center to lean on any time you need us.

But it’s also important to line up the friends and family members you know you can trust to deliver emotional support when you’ll need it most.

If possible, prior to surgery, make a list of your most “trusted advisors.” Then give these people your recovery timeline so they’ll be ready if, and when you reach out for some support.

Even better, find a friend who has already had a facelift. Aligning with someone who has gone through the process (without attaching too much to their individual experience) can be very helpful as you move through the natural healing process.

Remember, your recovery friends should be a tightknit crew that can talk you through the mini panic most patients report experiencing the first week of recovery.

It’s that roller coaster time when you think your facial features should resemble your “after” photo, even though you know this is irrational. Get your emotional supports in place now.

4) Create a comfortable environment.

You have the time — after all, we’re still emerging from quarantine. It’s a perfectly acceptable time to stay home. There are few expectations to socialize.

Use this quiet time to your advantage by setting up a calming, comfortable environment for your healing time.

Comfort may mean different things for different people, so dial in what you know works for you. One treat we know works well is investing in some well-deserved lounge clothes. Having a couple of sets of beautiful, loose-fitting pants and tops that make you feel great below the neck is a good place to start.

Other simple effects include a soft blanket for curling up with and binge-watching some favorite TV shows. A candle, proper pillows, and artwork in your favorite spaces work well, too.

And collect some books, podcasts, and playlists to take your mind off your face. It’s your cocoon: Make your home healing environment as special as you can.

5) Plan on pre-op grooming.


The reality is, after a mini-lift, you can’t get your hair done for several weeks. Let that sink in. Then get to work on booking some pre-operative treats that will ensure you go into surgery with all your favorite treatments complete. Schedule anything that you know will help you feel “pretty” while you heal.

It could be a haircut and color, a manicure and pedicure, even bodywork to put you at ease. It’s okay to book those external pleasures that make you feel whole.

As you recover from a mini lift, the world can feel a little mixed up and out of your control. So, knowing your hair looks good, your nails are tidy and the kinks in your body are worked out can go a long way in speeding your recovery.

As you head into facelift recovery, know you are never alone. While following these tips will take you a long way in the healing process, remember that we are here to answer all your questions — and even provide the emotional supports you might be missing.

Call Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center today at (303) 741-2211 to learn more about our Rapid Recovery process and post-op support services.