While talking prospective patients through the surgical process, a veteran member of the Smith Cosmetic Surgery team will replicate Dr. Smith’s outstanding, natural-looking surgery outcomes through computer imaging. This allows an individual to see what they can look like after healing from a face lift, nose surgery, eyelid lift, or other common facial plastic surgery procedure. This is all part of the Smith Cosmetic Surgery philosophy.

The consultation and imaging session deliver unique benefits to patients:

  • Consultations with Dr. Smith are always in person, so he can provide an in-depth evaluation and interview
  • Computer-aided photo imaging can help mitigate fear and anxiety concerning recovery and results
  • Take home a printed preview of surgical results to review later or to help introduce the idea of cosmetic surgery to family or friends
  • Photo imaging can also help patients on a budget prioritize procedures

Computer imaging is an important step in our process; we believe a prospective patient should have the opportunity to see what the future may hold.

Computer-aided photo imaging helps our patients understand Dr. Smith’s vision and empowers our patients to make informed decisions about their cosmetic results.

If you’d like a complimentary consultation with Dr. Smith and advanced computer imaging to preview results, call our office at 888-218-4479 or contact us online.