Are You Tired of Your Turkey Neck?

Are You Tired of Your Turkey Neck?

A Mini Facelift Can Eliminate Your Turkey Neck

The phrase “turkey neck” refers to loosening and folding skin under the chin. Often associated with the double chin, it is one of the top issues aging men and women inquire about at Smith Cosmetic Surgery. Turkey Neck<

Our staff often hears men and women complain that their faces have become rounder, fuller or squarer than they’d like, and they’re developing a double chin even though their general weight and lifestyle hasn’t changed over the years. Other times individuals come in because genetics are starting to catch up to them, and they’re noticing more significant signs of a slack neckline that, unfortunately, just runs in the family.

Just like a crooked nose, visible scarring, or deep wrinkles around the eyes or brow, turkey neck can cause undue stress, anxiety and self-consciousness. As you weigh your options for eliminating the look of turkey neck, here are a few questions to consider.

How did I get turkey neck?

When a patient books a complimentary evaluation with Dr. Brent Smith to discuss options for getting rid of turkey neck, we ask questions to better understand and guide each individual patient. Have you always been the same weight but your face has become fuller, independent of your body? Does the double chin run in your family? Does your lifestyle include smoking, exercise, extensive computer work, sun exposure, etc.?

How can I get rid of turkey neck?

If you are young enough, following smart lifestyle practices can help ward off the advancement of this condition. These include monitoring the angle of your neck during “device” time; maintaining a consistent weight and healthy body fat; staying hydrated; and using sunscreen every day, even on the neck. However the only long-term strategy for dealing with turkey neck is a surgical procedure that will enhance the look of both the neck and face uniformly, tightening skin and muscle and ensuring that the double chin is gone for good.

What procedure works best on turkey neck?

One common misconception in facial plastic surgery is that you can “spot correct” the neck without touching anything else. Unfortunately this Band-Aid approach doesn’t work. You must consider the whole lower face rather than just the neck when addressing turkey neck. Today, top surgeons like Dr. Smith use a revolutionary procedure called the “mini facelift”, a customizable, less invasive technique, requiring fewer and more precise incisions.

If you’re tired of wearing scarves or ties to hide your neck, now’s the time consider a mini facelift to improve your sagging muscles and skin. To see how Dr. Smith can alleviate the anxiety you feel about your turkey neck, give Smith Cosmetic Surgery a call for a free consultation. We look forward to discussing your options with you!