Benefits of a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Benefits of a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

cosmetic surgery consultation

A thorough consultation is the best way to ensure that elective facial plastic surgery is right for you. Not all plastic surgeons are willing to spend time talking to patients about procedures, recovery, emotional support and payment options.

However, after 25 years of guiding patients, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Brent J. Smith knows there’s a special relationship that starts with a face-to-face consultation. “It’s so important for a doctor to meet the patient first,” he says. “They are interviewing me to see if they are comfortable with my skills and results, and it’s my job to see if their goals are realistic and help them determine if they are in my office for the right reasons.”

Unlike commission-paid consultants at some plastic surgery offices, Dr. Smith is not motivated by a speed-and-greed approach to building clientele. In fact, he always advises patients about what’s most safe, healthy and effective when it comes to sustainable enhancements on the face. “A patient may not always know what’s best for them, but during a consultation we can talk about the route that will benefit them the most—even if it may be different from what they envisioned,” he says.

Each complimentary Smith Cosmetic Surgery consultation includes:

  • Discussion: in-depth, in-person evaluation with Dr. Smith
  • Imaging: advanced computer imaging simulates a preview of your personal surgical results (with free printout to take home)
  • Results: review of testimonials and “before and after” photos of Smith Cosmetic Surgery patients

“I like patients to bring in old pictures of themselves and if possible come with a significant other who will support them through the process,” Dr. Smith says. “I can look at their features and talk about procedures and costs, but even more exciting is taking photos and putting them on our imaging computer to give them a window into the future.”

Making you more comfortable

An in-depth consultation also helps Dr. Smith and his professional staff learn more about you and what will make you most comfortable before, during and after your procedure. The medical environment at Smith Cosmetic Surgery is designed with special features to make our patients feel calm, supported and informed.
We voluntarily certify our surgical suite with safety and sterility measures comparable to hospital-grade facilities, and our clinical staff is trained in helpful, hands-on pre- and post-operative care procedures to ensure maximum comfort and emotional support throughout your journey. Learn the importance of being an accredited facility and what it means for your care here:

When you’re ready, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Smith at a time that’s convenient for you. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and explore all of the options to help you achieve a natural and refreshed result!