Brow Lift in Denver

Denver Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

Eyebrow aging and descent is a common issue that our expert Denver facial plastic surgeons Dr. Smith and Dr. Bovenzi treat on a regular basis. The signs of brow aging are a descent in the eyebrows, especially in the outer aspect. This can cause upper eyelid hooding, an angry appearance at rest, and a tired look. Fortunately, we have tools that can reverse these signs of aging, bringing you back to a youthful appearance while still looking natural.

The eyebrows tend to fall with time below their youthful higher position on the brow bone. Often, this low brow position is apparent at rest. However, some people compensate for this lower brow position by activating their forehead muscle and raising their brows- either consciously or unconsciously. This compensation can be visualized when you develop deep horizontal forehead wrinkles. So, though it may be surprising, even if your brows don’t seem low you may still be best treated with a brow lift procedure. While botox can smooth forehead wrinkles, they do so by relaxing the forehead muscle, causing your brows to drop. To prevent this, a brow lift can be a good option for you to both raise your brows and also take that effort off the forehead muscle to get rid of forehead wrinkles.

The specific brow lift surgery technique developed at Smith Cosmetic Surgery is state-of-the art. We have had surgeons come from across the country to learn this technique developed by Dr. Smith himself. What makes our brow rejuvenation technique special is that we are able to raise the eyebrows in a natural way without elongating the forehead. A lengthening of the forehead is one of the main drawbacks to traditional and endoscopic brow lift surgery. Additionally, we use a technique that can be custom-tailored to shape the different parts of the brow in fine detail, as opposed to classic techniques that lift the whole brow in the same direction. Also, we do not have to use the painful spike implants that many other surgical techniques use. In this way, our practice is set apart and is driving the forefront of the specialty.

We take pride in providing a natural appearance to our patients, and this goes especially for brow lift surgery. We will not allow you to get the “deer in headlights” look of an overdone brow lift, nor a surgery that changes your personality to a “surprised” look. Instead, we rejuvenate your brow to target the specific changes that can give you a more awake, pleasant, and youthful appearance while enhancing your natural beauty.

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