CareCredit: The Solution to Cosmetic Surgery Financing

CareCredit: The Solution to Cosmetic Surgery Financing

CareCreditPeople used to think that cosmetic facial surgery was only for the rich and famous.  Not only have advancements in plastic surgery made facial cosmetic procedures more affordable for a wider variety of patients worldwide, there are also easier options for financing your new look over time. Today, financial roadblocks to achieving the kind of self-confidence you’ve dreamed of are truly a thing of the past. That means no more waiting. You can now afford a natural, more youthful look for that upcoming wedding—or show off a whole new you this holiday season!

To make facial plastic surgery a reality sooner for more people than ever, Smith Cosmetic Surgery employs a helpful and customizable patient payment plan called CareCredit. Dr. Smith selected this reputable medical financing partner because of its flexible, industry-specific repayment programs. Plans are structured around each patient’s individual financial requirements.

Our most popular CareCredit option is the six-month, 0% repayment term, and in some individual cases CareCredit can offer up to 24 months with no interest. Plus, we’ve ensured that with CareCredit there are no hidden fees, because we don’t like surprises either. If you do require longer repayment terms, CareCredit is also equipped to set up traditional repayment methods of up to 60 months.

Affording the facial procedure you’ve imagined all these years may be easier than you think. In fact, you can do it today with one quick call to set up your complimentary consultation. Please call Smith Cosmetic Surgery today at 303.741.2211.