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Are you ready to sculpt and contour your chin with chin liposuction in Denver? This popular cosmetic procedure helps patients achieve their ideal chin, neck, and facial profile.

The submental area (the area beneath the chin) commonly develops a great deal of stubborn excess fatty tissue. This is often the case even for patients who are in good shape otherwise. A double chin can form due to genetic factors, the aging process, and weight gain.

Excess fat in this region is highly resistant to reduction through dieting and exercise. At Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center, Dr. Cory Bovenzi performs submental liposuction to reduce a double chin and jowls, improving facial contours.

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Chin Liposuction Overview

Chin reduction Denver is performed in our fully accredited office-based ambulatory suite, which is designed to ensure the highest standard of care.

At the start of this outpatient procedure, either local or general anesthesia is administered. This helps prevent any pain during the surgical session. Usually, submental lipo only takes around a half an hour to perform.

Dr. Bovenzi avoids non-surgical devices that overpromise and underdeliver in favor of tried-and-true chin liposuction techniques that create proven results. He first makes a tiny incision beneath the chin, then inserts a cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end).

Next, he carefully and precisely loosens the superficial submental fat from the surrounding tissues with the cannula’s sharp end. He then removes it from the body using medical suction.

Once excess chin and jawline fat has been removed, Dr. Bovenzi closes the incision with a very fine stitch. He utilizes the running vertical mattress suture technique, which helps the incision heal and quickly blend in with the surrounding skin. Once a dressing has been applied, the procedure is complete.

Good Candidates for Chin Liposuction

There is no one perfect age for chin liposuction Denver, and both younger and older patients often come in for this procedure. The best candidates for chin liposuction are unhappy with the appearance of their chin and neck due to excess fatty tissue. If you feel self-conscious about your double chin or jowls and want to get rid of them, submental lipo may be the ideal option for you.

Patients who are already at or near their ideal weight are excellent candidates for chin lipo. Having realistic expectations in terms of this procedure’s results is vital.

Being in good overall health is preferred, since poor health can increase the risk of unwanted side effects. Non-smokers are also preferred.

If you have excess submental fat, sagging neck muscles, and drooping neck skin, Dr. Bovenzi may recommend pairing submental liposuction with a neck lift. A deep neck lift is also able to reach the fatty deposits under the platysma muscles, which chin lipo alone cannot do. The popular combination of chin lipo and a neck lift or deep neck lift results in a more-graceful neck and optimal chin and jawline contouring.

Combining chin lipo with other facial procedures is quite common and can create comprehensive rejuvenation and enhancement. Patients routinely combine submental liposuction with mini facelifts, facelifts, brow lifts, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty.

In some cases, patients may benefit from chin augmentation along with their chin liposuction. Chin augmentation with an implant or through shifting the bone forward gives the chin more definition, shape, and projection.

Submental Liposuction Benefits

Chin liposuction provides a variety of benefits. This procedure effectively removes excess fat from the area beneath the chin, ensuring that fat cells in the area will not grow back. The precision offered by this cosmetic surgical treatment allows for impressive submental sculpting.

Chin liposuction removes stubborn excess submental fat, eliminating the look of a double chin and jowls. This improves overall facial proportions, enhancing the patient’s profile. As a result, patients look less tired and in better shape.

Why Choose Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center for Chin Liposuction?

Patients consistently choose Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Center for chin liposuction and numerous other facial plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Bovenzi’s incredibly natural chin lipo results speak for themselves. There is no overdone or “worked-on” appearance, just noticeable results that prompt people to ask if patients have lost weight.

Dr. Bovenzi and Dr. Smith are two of Colorado’s top board-certified plastic surgeons and specialize in the art of facial plastic surgery. They prefer to pair their surgical procedures with non-surgical cosmetic treatments to create optimal results that stand the test of time.

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Your Submental Liposuction Consultation

During a submental liposuction consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Bovenzi, and the two of you will go over your cosmetic goals. Dr. Bovenzi will ask you questions about your goals and will discuss the results that can be achieved with chin lipo. This may include going over chin liposuction before-and-after photos.

Dr. Bovenzi will perform a physical examination of your chin and jawline to develop a better understanding of your unique facial anatomy. He will also ask you about your medical history, including past facial procedures, current medications and supplements, allergies, and any pre-existing conditions.

Once this has been discussed, Dr. Bovenzi will talk to you about chin liposuction in great detail, preparing you for the process. This will include a discussion of preparation, the steps involved in the surgery, and your recovery process. A date will then be set for your submental liposuction procedure.

Preparing for Chin Lipo

To prepare for chin liposuction, Denver patients must avoid smoking for several weeks leading up to their procedure. Smoking can negatively affect the healing process, lengthening the required recovery time and increasing the risk of complications.

Patients must also avoid drinking alcohol and taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), since these can increase the chance of bleeding and post-surgical bruising.

A friend or a family member will most likely need to drive the patient home after their chin liposuction procedure. Because of this, it will be best to arrange a ride home in advance.

Submental Liposuction Recovery

After submental lipo, there will be a degree of bruising and swelling. The social downtime associated with this is around one to two weeks maximum. Time off work will be required.

For one week of chin liposuction recovery, you’ll wear a gentle compressive dressing around your chin. This will provide support for the jawline tissues as they heal and will help control post-surgical swelling. Additionally, application of an ice pack as directed can reduce bruising and swelling.

During the recovery and healing process, it’s best to avoid physically taxing activities like heavy exercise and sports. This will help prevent any stress on the incision as it heals. It’ll be important to keep your incision clean and dry to avoid infections in the area.

You’ll need to come in for post-operative check-ups to ensure proper healing. During these check-ups, Dr. Bovenzi will evaluate your results and address any complications. You’ll come in the day after the procedure, one week after, one month after, and three months after. During your one-week post-operative check-up, your sutures will be taken out.

After all post-surgical swelling has fully ameliorated and recovery is complete, you’ll be able to see the final results of your procedure. Your chin and jawline will look much more defined and contoured, and your double chin and jowls will be gone.

Arrange Your Consultation

Contact Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center to schedule a consultation regarding your chin liposuction in Denver. Call (303) 741-2211 or fill out our contact form to set up your personalized appointment.

Chin Lipo Cost

Chin liposuction cost in Denver is based on a number of factors and varies from patient to patient. Generally, the price of submental liposuction is impacted by anesthesia fees, the specific techniques utilized, total procedure time, and various other factors.

Because submental lipo is a purely cosmetic procedure and is not functional, its cost will not be covered by patients’ health insurance providers. At Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center, chin liposuction can be financed through CareCredit, ensuring that patients from all walks of life can afford submental contouring. Contact us to learn more about our financing options.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As with all other cosmetic surgical procedures, the results of chin liposuction are incredibly long-lasting.

Weight loss through diet and exercise shrinks fat cells but does not remove them. Because of this, there is a potential for them to grow in size again.

Because submental liposuction involves physical removal of the fat cells, these fat cells cannot swell or grow back. Even when patients put on weight after chin lipo, the likelihood that they will develop a double chin because of it is extremely low. Most patients who put on new weight still have their defined and contoured chin and jawline.

The majority of chin liposuction patients agree that this procedure is absolutely worth getting. It has a high satisfaction rating, creating even and natural-looking results in the form of a more-proportionate facial profile. Patients feel that it makes them look less out of shape, more youthful, and more energetic.

Submental liposuction is worth it because it offers a high degree of precision and creates long-lasting results. It works instantly and does not need to be repeated, and its recovery time is quite low.

Patients generally prefer the results of submental liposuction to those of non-surgical chin-contouring methods. Many patients feel that these methods create disappointing results.

Youthful and tight skin is the result of consistent collagen and elastin protein production in the skin tissues. Over time, the body’s rate of collagen and elastin creation declines naturally due to the aging process. Other factors that decrease collagen and elastin include sun exposure and cigarette smoking.

When the skin does not contain enough of these proteins, its degree of elasticity declines and its degree of laxity increases. This leads to the appearance of saggy skin.

Submental liposuction specifically focuses on removal of fatty tissue and does not remove sagging skin. For patients with a higher degree of skin elasticity and no excess drooping skin, this is not a problem, and so for them, double-chin removal does not typically leave behind saggy skin.

However, if you have a great deal of sagging neck skin, fat removal alone can lead to an increase in submental laxity. Because of this, people with a lot of lax submental skin and excess fat may require both chin lipo and a neck lift. This combination will ensure that the chin and neck are much tighter and better contoured following surgery.

Additionally, it is important to remember that skin sagging increases with age. Patients who have undergone chin liposuction may still experience new drooping in the area due to this natural change.

Liposuction is not painful. During this facial surgery, there is no pain, because local or general anesthesia is administered. Local anesthesia injections completely numb the region, while general anesthesia keeps patients completely unconscious throughout the surgery.

After the procedure, once all anesthesia has worn off, there may be a degree of soreness. This can continue for around five days during the recovery process. However, soreness is typically minimal, and Tylenol can reduce it very effectively.

While there are a number of injectable and energy-based non-surgical treatment options on the market for double-chin reduction and submental skin tightening, these are not generally recommended by Dr. Bovenzi.

Dr. Bovenzi feels that heating devices are not ideal for submental contouring because of their propensity for damaging the skin. Thermal injuries to the skin layers can create scarring, which has the effect of making future procedures more difficult. Because of this, we do not use radiofrequency treatments on the chin.

For patients who have experienced sun damage or age signs in the submental region, we utilize CO2 laser skin resurfacing. This non-invasive procedure uses heat energy to effectively treat wrinkles, age spots, oversized pores, uneven complexion, and roughness.