Chin Surgery: Finding Your Golden Ratio

Chin Surgery: Finding Your Golden Ratio

Google the golden ratio.  It’s a mathematical equation that translates to facial plastic surgery.  The golden ratio states that a traditionally “beautiful” person’s face is approximately one and one-half times longer than it is wide.

While this may be true, Dr. Brent J. Smith is fascinated with the human face and believes that every person has their own unique golden ratio and is beautiful in their own right. 

Achieving facial symmetry is something Dr. Smith strives to achieve for every patient coming to Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center with a chin concern, whether that concern is related to genetics, lifestyle, or aging.

The chin impacts the golden ratio more noticeably than any other area of the face. So it’s no surprise that chin procedures are some of our most common requests.

However, chin surgery or non-surgical fillers are never one-size-fits-all. Just as highly individual genes going as far back as grandparents affect every chin, lifestyle choices and natural aging play a part, too. That means every facial plastic surgery or a combination of procedures is custom.

Any custom chin enhancement starts with a complimentary in-office consultation with Dr. Smith. Our photo imaging process can also help you see your future results.

With over three decades of experience looking at every aspect, angle, and element of the face, Dr. Smith knows a lot about chins. He and the talented team at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center can pinpoint exactly what’s going on with your unique chin in order to customize a procedure plan that will achieve your own beautiful golden ratio.

Chins are complex

But guess what? Most people think that their chin is doing something that it isn’t. Dr. Smith will be the first to admit that the lower half of the face, and the chin, in particular, is a multifaceted, highly technical challenge in facial plastic surgery.

One problem is that there are countless misconceptions about a weak, recessed or double chin. Some are truly hereditary conditions; others are age-related issues that can actually mimic the look of a receding chin, for example.

It’s quite complicated, and we’ve written a previous topic about these tricky aspects of chin and chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty. What is not complicated, however, at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center is customizing a plan of action for anyone who has concerns about the appearance of his or her chin. Men and women alike point to the chin as one of the most unfavorable elements of how they present to the world each day.

Understanding common chin issues

As a quick overview, here are some of the most common concerns we see with the chin:

The double chin: Essentially an extra layer of submental fat under the natural chin. This could be inherited or the result of weight fluctuation or the natural aging process.  Read more about double chins here.

The weak chin: Also known as a receding, weak, or recessed chin, this hereditary condition (retrogenia) causes the chin to project slightly backward toward the neck. Confusingly, a receding chin can mimic the look of a double chin.

The aged chin: Chins change over time due to the natural aging process. Often people accumulate fat under the jawline that creates unwanted fullness, as well as muscle laxity which can cause drooping.

The customizable chin: What’s the best option for you? 

Here’s the fun part. Dr. Smith is a master at figuring out just the right solution or combination of procedures to get you to that magical golden ratio we discussed earlier. There are several common surgical and non-surgical treatments for all kinds of chins. We promise — there’s an answer that will work for your face, your budget and, most importantly, your confidence!

Chin-enhancing surgeries include the cheek and neck lift, chin implant, rhinoplasty (nose surgery performed to achieve symmetry) and targeted liposuction. Similarly, specific non-surgical dermal fillers can be an affordable way to “test” out the look of an enhanced chin for a year or so before committing to a full chin surgery or mentoplasty.

Often Dr. Smith combines procedures during a single surgical experience for a totally custom outcome. A common permutation for rectifying a weak chin is adding a bone-like implant at the chin area, often in combination with liposuction and a mini lift on the lower half of the face. This helps reduce unwanted fat at the chin while creating a natural-looking lift of the muscles around the chin.

Sometimes, it is actually a patient’s nose that is offsetting the chin and causing an imbalance. In this case, Dr. Smith can perform a nose surgery that will subtly change the appearance of the lower half of the face and its overall symmetry.

Non-surgical options at the Medical Aesthetic Center

Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center recently expanded its non-surgical offerings to meet the growing demand for temporary yet highly effective aesthetic procedures for the face.

We offer laser skin services, facial injectables or fillers, facial treatments and clinical skincare. Fillers are by far the most common non-surgical solution for chins that are slacking, folding or wrinkling with age. A dermal filler like Juvederm® can be applied through a syringe near the neck area to contour the chin line.   This procedure is a simple, affordable option that’s typically effective for up to a year. A temporary filler can be a great way to “try on” a new chin before committing to a longer term surgical solution.

Additionally, after a chin and neck lift the Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center team can use a non-surgical laser treatment to highlight the new, permanent results and bring out the best in the skin.

Call for a chin consultation today

As always, we are here to educate our patients and become a trusted resource. Dr. Smith brings 30 years of exclusive facial plastic surgery experience. His work is truly an art form for patients who seek his expertise from all across the country.

Our goal is to help you decipher the real issues behind your chin concerns. Come see what’s really behind your chin anxieties. You’re not alone in worrying about how your face looks, but you could be confused about the cause of unsightliness at the chin.

Remember, the chin is one of the most complex areas of the face. A custom fix from Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center could do you wonders — and get you to that golden ratio of facial symmetry.