Cosmetic Artistry

Facial Plastic Surgery: A Patient’s Life-Changing Facelift

It’s easy for the staff at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center to see

Cosmetic Artistry

Dr. Brent Smith’s facial plastic surgeries as an art form. It’s another level of pride

when a satisfied patient sends a heartfelt thank-you note for their life-changing procedure.

These kind words remind us of why we’re in business in the first place and the joy that we get to experience watching each patient transform their lives through Dr. Smith’s truly exclusive facial enhancements.

We recently received a special note that summed up the experience that we hope all of our patients have when working with us, whether it’s for a full facelift or a non-surgical treatment at our recently expanded aesthetic center.

Liz wrote, “You have given me a second chance in life in so many ways. You have given me my smile back. I know, because you are so skilled and also kind with an amazing bedside manner that you must get these types of letters all the time. I feel like mine is slightly different, however, because of my circumstances.”

Liz made what she called a “stupid decision” in her early 20s.

“I botched my face and was living with what felt like someone else’s face for over 20 years.” Before the poorly performed facelift, Liz was living a vibrant, highly social life in New York City. As the niece of a famous publicist, she was photographed often living a coveted jet-set existence. Life was good.

But then came the botched facelift.

“I hid, I stopped being social, I stopped going to parties, I stopped making eye contact with people. That was probably the worst part. I went from being a sociable smiley girl who wanted to tweak a few things to a hyper-aware, self-conscious person,” she wrote. “I lost my sparkle and shine. I lost my smile. This incident truly changed the trajectory of my life.”

Liz was suddenly different. She didn’t know how to be in the world anymore.

“I wasn’t the same person,” she wrote. She tried several surgeries to fix the facial plastic surgery mistakes, to undo the harm.

“I tried to move forward but it was always there,” she wrote. “I thought I would have to live with the consequences of my mistake forever but you have put my Humpty Dumpty back together again and I am forever grateful.”

Today, Liz can look people in the eye again. She loves taking selfies with her kids.

“These little things are really big deals for me now. I am crying as I am writing this to you. You have forever changed my life for the better…”

Meet Your Facial Plastic Surgery Hero

Dr. Brent Smith

This powerful story is just one of many individual lives Dr. Smith has had the pleasure of impacting over three decades in the important work of facial plastic surgery. It’s also a powerful reminder of why specializing in the human face and dedicating a career to the art and science of plastic surgery on the face is so rewarding.

Making people feel beautiful not just outside, but deep inside is something Dr. Smith and all the longtime staff members at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center can and do feel proud of each and every day. 

Yet far too often, Dr. Smith must spin his magic hand to undo the work of others. It’s a careful methodology he has honed over many years in practice and over many faces from around the country and of course right here in Denver.

Dr. Smith takes both “redo’s” and first-time facelifts very seriously. As a young boy, he was first inspired by his father, a community doctor. His dad went on to teach at Indiana University, where Dr. Smith later received his degree.

To further develop his precise craft as a facial plastic surgeon, a doctor who performs cosmetic and reconstructive surgery solely on the face, Dr. Smith went through extensive schooling, training, and credentialing.

After completing medical school and residency, Dr. Smith was fellowship-trained, achieving the maximum level of expertise in surgical procedures on the face. Now double-board certified, he has become a master of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and bacteriology of the head and neck region, not to mention one of the country’s leading facial plastic surgeons.

Dr. Smith has practiced in Denver for over 30 years, recently further expanding nonsurgical facial treatments through his practice’s medical aesthetic center. And while they are each so different and compelling, success stories like Liz’s number in the thousands at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center. We bet there’s one like yours.

If this sounds like a doctor who you’d like for your first, or perhaps like Liz second, facelift, give us a call today. Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center provides complimentary consultations to anyone, of any age, who is considering a facial plastic surgery procedure. We can help you uncover the real you, and like Liz, give you back your smile, your confidence  — and maybe your life.