Is Facial Plastic Surgery a Wise Investment?

Is Facial Plastic Surgery a Wise Investment?

It’s tax season and you may be wondering how to invest your refund wisely. There’s more than anecdotal evidence that putting that refund toward a renewed and refreshed look could be a very rewarding long-term investment.

A well-known study from the Mayo Clinic even went so far as to suggest that women who have facelifts might live up to a decade longer than women who don’t. The boost from a facelift seemed to come not just from the more youthful physical changes research participants experienced, but also from the impact that a more healthy-looking face had on positive self-image and outlook on life.

Plastic surgeons around the country, including Dr. Brent J. Smith, agree that they see this mind-body phenomenon happen every day. There’s certainly a link between enhancing the appearance of the face and the impact it has on our perception of self.

We’re not sure about your take on the report, but to us getting a new lease on life—and potentially extending it by several years—seems like a worthwhile investment.

First, give yourself permission

The first step in actually putting hard-earned money toward something for yourself is believing that you’re worth it. And for many people, especially women, that can be a challenge in and of itself.

Due to cultural traditions (which are changing), women often feel guilty about using money on themselves. There can be a sense of self-indulgence or vanity that seems to come with exploring a plastic surgery procedure, for example.

We’d like to put that notion to rest once and for all. Investing in yourself is not a luxury; in many ways it’s a necessity. Think of another physical modality, such as a regular massage, that you may have come to appreciate and need for both mental and physical health. Plastic facial surgery is really no different and the results can be far more long lasting.

Here’s another way to think about it: Remember last month’s quick fix for wrinkles? Didn’t work, did it? How about all those fancy age-defying lotions you spend money on? That’s expensive. What about the in-office procedure that your friend swore was the magic treatment? Didn’t last.

You have spent more than enough on short-term solutions. Now is the time to invest in plastic surgery: the only proven long-term solution for aging skin.

When is the right time for a facelift?

At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we often consult with patients who are experiencing life changes that can make a facelift feel more like a “life lift.” Here are some of the scenarios we see regularly:

  • You’re 60, recently laid off and need to make a great impression for a big job interview.
  • You’re back in the single world and are finally ready to enter the dating scene again with a fresh look.
  • You’re in a midlife state of re-evaluating everything that really matters to you—and you realize that time is ticking too fast.
  • You’re the spouse of a prominent business person who is constantly in the social spotlight—and therefore constantly feeling judged by others.
  • You’re a grandparent and want to finally look as young as you feel when you’re with the grandkids.
  • You are young, single and finally have a disposable income (plus a tax refund), and you are ready to change a nose that has never really felt like your own.

The reasons people of all ages and backgrounds come to Dr. Smith for plastic surgery are varied, but there’s one universal need we all share: to feel happy, healthy and accepting of ourselves.

Dr. Smith would like to extend an invitation today to give yourself permission. To no longer feel guilty for putting yourself first. And to start seeing mind-body procedures like plastic surgery for what they really are: a long-term investment in self-confidence and contentment.

Pay for plastic surgery like a Porsche

Yet another way to validate investing in a facelift is to think about plastic surgery purely in financial terms. When most people buy a new car, especially a dream vehicle like a brand-new Porsche, they don’t prolong the process while gathering money for an all-cash, one-time payment. We finance our cars so we can drive and enjoy them right now.  A facelift can be thought of in a similar way. Why put off all the positives that come with facial plastic surgery for a rainy day when you can get your procedure done now instead of waiting for all the stars to align? In fact, you might think of this year’s tax refund as an investment in this spring’s facelift. And, at Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we are pleased to work with patients on creative payment plans to fit your budget.

Ready to give yourself permission and invest your tax refund in something that is personally rewarding? Don’t wait. Call Smith Cosmetic Surgery for a complimentary consultation today. Ask as many questions as you like about your procedure—and about our financing options. You might be surprised by what we can do to get you on your journey to a whole new you.