Sculptra in Denver



Sculptra stimulates collagen production in the body, helping patients restore healthy skin’s youthful volume and appearance. Our bodies produce collagen to maintain strong and healthy connective tissue. Collagen helps keep the skin firm, smooth, and young. As our bodies’ collagen production declines, wrinkles and sagging may appear. Sculptra stimulates the natural replication of collagen, making it the first liquid facelift on the market today. Sculptra treats several issues associated with aging skin on the face, neck, and other body parts. The procedure can improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin by increasing collagen production.

Sculptra produces gradual results as the body produces more collagen in the treated areas. Schedule a consultation with Smith Cosmetic Surgery to see how Sculptra injections can benefit you.

Sculptra - Face

Sculptra may be used in various locations on the face, providing more versatility for the natural production of collagen than dermal fillers, which can only be used in specific areas of the face. In addition to increasing collagen production, it can tighten and strengthen the skin.

Sculptra can be used to treat volume loss in the following ways:

  • Temple area
  • Jaw Line
  • Cheeks
  • Smile Lines
Frequently Asked Questions

Sculptra is an injectable treatment that improves skin quality and volume. It is made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid which forms a scaffold for your body to produce its own collagen and elastin. This scaffold is gradually absorbed by your body, leaving your own body’s collagen and elastin to rejuvenate your skin.

Sculptra is injected into multiple areas of the face. The most common treatment spots are the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines.

Sculptra injections can last for 5+ years! Most patients do require a series of injections to achieve their desired results (usually 3 to 5 sessions).

Not every person sees a dramatic difference with Sculptra injections and it is hard to predict ahead of time which patients will or will not have beneficial results. Rarely, Sculptra can form nodules under the skin but these can be broken down with time and massaging.

Despite what many providers may advertise, Sculptra is not a substitute for a facelift. When other injectors try to mimic facelift results with injectables, that is how you can get that “fake” and puffy look. At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we will not let you get that kind of look. With all our injections and surgery, we make sure to keep you looking natural. Our expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bovenzi performs both injectables and surgery and can be a great resource to let you know what the limits of non-surgical treatments are and what kind of results you can expect with each modality.

In short, no. When done by an experienced provider Sculptra should rejuvenate your appearance without giving you that “puffy” or fake look. Dr. Bovenzi will ensure you never look “overdone” by his treatments. That said, right after having any injection there can be some swelling. Swelling from Sculptra injections typically improves drastically over the first 60 minutes, and resolves over 24 to 48 hrs.

There is no “best age” for Sculptra and it is a safe and effective treatment for many adult patients. More frequently, younger patients are opting to “prejuvenate” their face to prevent signs of aging. Sculptra can be a great treatment option for this type of purpose.