See Your Results Before Your Facial Plastic Surgery

See Your Results Before Your Facial Plastic Surgery

At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, previewing a picture of the “new you” is just part of our process and the service we afford each patient. Every new facial plastic surgery patient is entitled to a complimentary consultation. And one of the most exciting parts of that meeting is creating a computer image that closely approximates your actual outcome.

It all starts with a one-on-one session with Dr. Brent J. Smith. Not all plastic surgeons meet their patients exclusively prior to surgery. We can’t stress enough how rare and special it is to talk directly with Dr. Smith, a highly respected Denver doctor and veteran in the facial plastic surgery world.

Facial Plastic SurgeryOur nationally renowned, board-certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon is in a class of one! Dr. Smith knows that crafting beautiful, individualized, natural-looking results starts with getting to know each patient’s goals and desires.

In fact, the consultation with photo imaging has become such an important part of what we do at Smith Cosmetic Surgery that we can’t imagine why a practice wouldn’t take this critical first step. Since Dr. Smith is performing the work, getting the right input from the beginning helps direct the very best possible surgical result in the end.

It’s all part of the Smith Cosmetic Surgery philosophy. And we put it into practice during a free three-step consultation that includes:

  • An in-depth, in-person interview and evaluation with Dr. Smith
  • Review of Smith Cosmetic Surgery patients’ before-and-after photos
  • Advanced computer imaging with a simulated preview of your personal surgical results

How Computer Imaging Works

Seeing is believing. One of the most exciting parts of the consultation is our advanced computer imaging. Smith Cosmetic Surgery is one of the only practices in town with such sophisticated future-casting technology. And we feel strongly that every new patient receive this special service prior to surgery.

Through the imaging program prospective patients see what they will look like after healing from a face lift, nose surgery, eyelid lift, or other common facial plastic surgery procedure. And, this visual aid also helps put people at greater ease.

We’ve found that many fears patients might have about surgery are quickly put to rest after seeing an image of their rejuvenated face on the screen and then leaving the Smith Cosmetic Surgery office with a printout for further consideration.

Being able to “predict” what the future will bring is both exciting and relieving for patients. After going through this important step, patients typically come to their scheduled day of surgery more relaxed and inspired.

Additionally, the continued technological advancements in computer-aided visualization programming make our jobs easier and more fun each year. By entering increasingly custom variables, we can now nearly replicate Dr. Smith’s outstanding natural-looking plastic surgery outcomes on the screen.

In fact, when we send patients home with a free printed copy of their surgical outcome, we find they can’t help but peek continuously at what the future holds.

Your Fresh Face: Step By Step

During the computer imaging part of the complimentary in-office consultation, you’ll meet with our practice manager, Lorayn. She’s an expert at using photo imaging, which has become a powerful educational tool at Smith Cosmetic Surgery. It’s no surprise that she loves doing what she does each day.

“Computer-aided photo imaging really helps our patients see and understand why Dr. Smith is suggesting certain things,” Lorayn says. “It also gives them a comfort level, an appreciation of the work, and assurance that they will still look like themselves, only a better version, after the procedure.”

First, Lorayn starts by taking a photo of your face and discussing the areas of improvement recommended by Dr. Smith. Second, using industry-specific software she carefully manipulates the “before” photo into a very realistic, holistic image combining one or more of Dr. Smith’s suggestions.

Last, the computer image is printed so you can take home a personal reminder of what’s in store. This often acts as a helpful conversation starter, especially when first introducing the concept of facial plastic surgery to a significant other.

If necessary, photo imaging can also help patients on a budget prioritize certain procedures. But whether patients can have every recommended procedure they desire now, or must save something for another time, everyone can appreciate the self-confidence that photo imaging instills.

But while we get compliments on our computer-assisted imaging process all the time, it never replaces the real art created by Dr. Smith.

“I always tell patients following a computer imaging session that they’re going to like Dr. Smith’s work better than mine,” Lorayn says of her photo replicas. “Dr. Smith sets the precedent for consistency — and for providing the most spectacular results I’ve ever seen.”

We promise, at Smith Cosmetic Surgery you’ll always like your “real” work better. We can’t capture that radiance you feel after surgery in an image. But seeing a new version of yourself is a very inspiring part of the process.

Ready to schedule your free consultation with computer imaging? Let’s get started. Call us today at 888-218-4622 or contact us online to request your personal consultation.