Why a Natural Look is a Better Option with a Mini Facelift

Why a Natural Look is a Better Option with a Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift

No reward for how tight the skin of the face can be pulled

One of the greatest concerns people have about getting cosmetic surgery is the risk of looking unnatural. We have all seen the unsightly “operated on” looks, especially among Hollywood celebrities and people in the media.

In fact many individuals say they can spot a facelift from a mile away. In reality what they’re spotting are the bad facelifts, likely performed by inexperienced doctors. A well-done mini facelift simply enhances and restores natural features, amplifying what nature gave you, while minimizing the obvious signs of aging—wrinkles, loose skin and decreased elasticity.

Just like you might take supplements to maintain your health as you age, we consider facial rejuvenation—whether it’s a chemical peel, cheek filler or facial plastic surgery—just another aspect of maintaining a healthy, appearance. But to achieve that feeling of rejuvenation, results must be natural. No deer-in-the-headlights eyes. No Hollywood hollow cheeks. No duck lips. A good plastic surgeon should never turn you into someone you never were; they should simply turn back time.

To achieve that, Smith Cosmetic Surgery always emphasizes conservatism rather than being over-aggressive. In fact, disguising or hiding the “work” is the inspiration behind Dr. Smith’s art. Unlike physicians who perform procedures over the entire body, Dr. Smith has exclusively focused on facial cosmetic procedures for over 25 years. His goal is simply to help patients look more like themselves—only better—earning him a highly respected spot in the field of natural-looking mini lifts and facial plastic surgery as a whole.

“There is no reward for how tight the skin of the face can be made,” says Dr. Smith. “We want all facial features to have the natural softness that is present at a more youthful age. Our greatest compliment is when our patients report that no one is able to tell that they have had cosmetic surgery.”

The big reveal

So how do we do it? To make Smith Cosmetic Surgery patients look like younger versions of themselves—without any of the telltale signs of a surgical procedure—we start by addressing the supportive tissues under the skin. Elevating these tissues, using the latest surgical techniques, creates a natural “draping” of the skin over the jaw line, leading to a rejuvenated, yet un-operated look. Likewise, when performing eyelid surgery, we preserve natural folds and contours, carefully restoring a more youthful appearance.

The goal of cosmetic surgery is not to see how taut you can make a facial feature, but to reveal more youthful features that were present previously. It’s this technique that delivers the results that make people feel proud and comfortable in their skin. Interested in seeing some before and after photos of Dr. Smith’s famously natural looks? Give Smith Cosmetic Surgery a call today to see how you can start turning back time—naturally. You will meet directly with Dr. Smith and the consultation is complimentary. You can even see an advance preview of your surgical results through state-of-the-art computer imaging.