Why Women Choose Facial Plastic Surgery

Why Women Choose Facial Plastic Surgery

There is no doubt that more women are choosing facial plastic surgery procedures each year. Last year there were nearly 18 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. That number has risen steadily over the past 5 years, along with the popularity of specialized facial procedures like nose reshaping and eyelid surgery.

The facelift is now part of the everyday American lexicon. And with the rise of social media and the emphasis on always having to put our best face forward, cosmetic surgery is becoming more accepted among a wider group of people and more common than ever before.Why Women Choose Facial Plastic Surgery

While it’s no longer a surprise that our friends, family and neighbors are having facelifts, the reasons they ultimately follow through with surgical procedures are different.

At Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center, we talk to patients and potential patients every day. We know first-hand some of the top reasons that more and more people are confidently choosing facial plastic surgery as a long-term solution.

They’ve exhausted all other options.

These days’ consumers are inundated with fast-fix solutions for aging skin — from home health topicals to plumping injections to laser resurfacing. And while some work to “prejuvenate” and maintain skin to keep it looking younger longer, many of these surface fixes just don’t work for long on already wrinkled, lax skin. That’s just a fact.

There’s nothing that can turn back time like a mini facelift. That’s because nonsurgical facial procedures can only go so deep and the effects will wear off over time, requiring reapplication. When women get to a certain stage in the aging process using non-surgical treatments just may not provide the desired results.

The age for a facelift is different for every woman. But after running the numbers on fillers and lasers, it’s obvious that a long-term solution may actually save time, money and stress. We often consult with women who have “tried it all.”

And, after finding limited success with each individual treatment, they often turn to Dr. Brent J. Smith. Once they see actual results, the way Dr. Smith has helped women age artistically over 30 years of working exclusively on the face, they are sold.

Social media is an impetus.

We can’t deny that cultural shifts, particularly the explosion of social media, are driving a surge in facial plastic surgery. The pervasive use of social media among all demographics is so widespread that everyone from 20-somethings to grandparents turn to Dr. Smith for advice on looking better in the omnipresent selfie. It’s not vain; it’s just reality. And, honestly, we’re all a little tired of editing and re-editing our digital images.

While Dr. Smith and the practitioners at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center do not necessarily recommend facial plastic surgery for social media purposes, we do use the topic as a segue to building a personalized procedure plan for women who want to look younger, feel better and gain more confidence.

Whether it’s a disproportionate nose, sun-damaged skin or bags under our eyes, often seeing our face amplified on social media calls attention to something that has always nagged us about our appearance. Social media can be a stepping-stone for following through with a facelift. That’s just the world we live in.

A big event gives them guts.

We commonly see women coming to Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center for a facelift consultation leading up to a big event, such as a wedding or reunion. Knowing that they will be “on stage,” among friends and family they haven’t seen for a while and posing for pictures, is a reminder that they want to look their best.

We often see an influx of women with facelift questions in May right before wedding season and also in October before the long holiday season hits. Having a “deadline” like a big life event can motivate women toward finally making the decision to move forward with something they’ve considered for a long time.

Other events can come as a surprise but are no less of an impetus for change. At various stages of life women sometimes find themselves divorced or widowed. When you are older and must prepare to present yourself to the world in a new way, it can be daunting. We love counseling women at any age through a healthy plan for making lasting changes.  It can be a very inspiring time for a facelift. 

Family or friends refer Dr. Smith.

Another regular occurrence we see among women is a direct referral from friends or family members who have had natural-looking work done with Dr. Smith. In fact, women come in from all over the U.S. for procedures at Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center.

The scenario leading up to booking a facelift in Denver goes something like this: There’s a big wedding in the city. Friends and family from all over Colorado and the U.S. come in for the event.

While mingling, a middle-aged woman inquires about how an old college friend can still look so young — so “refreshed, rejuvenated and natural,” are the words she often uses. After revealing that it’s not just the active lifestyle she leads here in Colorado but in fact the artistry of a local facial plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, the visitor books her own complimentary consultation to learn more.

Before we know it that out-of-town patient is on a road trip or flight to Denver for a facelift that’s as natural looking as her friend’s. Upon recovery, she tells more friends. And the beautiful cycle of the referral continues.

Facelifts are better than ever before. 

Finally, we see women choosing to move forward with a facelift because many of the barriers of the past are gone. Quite simply, it’s easier than ever to have facial plastic surgery — and the payoff is well worth the few weeks of downtime involved.

As an accredited surgical facility, Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center is set up specifically for facial procedures. And Dr. Smith is meticulous in this setting. Having performed tens of thousands of facial cosmetic procedures over three decades in service, his precision when lifting the muscles to re-sculpt the face is truly an art form.

Using all the advancements available, the facelift and healing process has become smoother, more refined and more efficient. In fact, Dr. Smith is so committed to getting women back up and running after a facelift that he’s customized his own post-operative program called Rapid Recovery. The restorative process leverages a hyperbaric chamber to super-oxygenate the body, helping heal skin up to twice as fast, help fight infection, and decrease bruising and swelling.

Ready to start your journey to a new, younger-looking you? Learn how you can age artistically with a facelift by renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Smith. Call us today at 888-219-1156 or contact us online to schedule your complimentary consultation.