Got Tech Neck? Treating the Modern Version of ‘Turkey Neck’

Got Tech Neck? Treating the Modern Version of ‘Turkey Neck’

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Don’t let this modern version of ‘turkey neck’ drag you down

After 25 years of practicing cosmetic surgery on the face, I know that delicate necks are one of the first places we show signs of aging. The inevitable “turkey neck” comes for us all—only now it’s happening even earlier.

After seeing a huge influx in patients as young as 20 years old with acute neck-related muscle and pre-mature skin problems, my fellow health professionals coined the modern term “tech neck.”

While there are several culprits that contribute to a “turkey neck” such as lifestyle, genetics, and weight gain, some might be surprised to learn that staring down at devices for hours while typing, texting or reading from a variety of un-ergonomic positions can play a role as well. We’re all guilty of hyperextending our necks while texting and watching the tube or reading in the low-light and low angles of our beds.

The problem is this strain is causing real pain, not to mention unsightly early wrinkling in the collagen-light skin around the neck. In fact, tilting the neck down just 2 to 3 extra inches adds an additional 27 pounds of stress to the spine, while creating premature skin folds in the process.

A heads up for your neck

But don’t fret just yet; it’s never too late to start fighting the effects of too much technology time:

Go ergo: Make an effort to spend screen time in a more ergonomic position. Consider using a prop to create the optimal viewing angle.

Back sleep, please: When possible, sleep on your back with a rounded pillow, which lessens the strain on your neck region and facial skin.

Shun smokes & sun: Lifestyle changes like stopping smoking, avoiding significant weight gain/loss and staying out of the sun will help too.

Don’t neglect your neck: Apply daily sunscreen to the neck, an often-neglected area, to slow signs of aging due to UV exposure.

Skin repair care: Add to your skincare routine a physician-directed glycolic-acid lotion, preferably formulated specifically for the neck region.

Rejuvenate & refresh: Look into some temporary, non-surgical skin rejuvenation options to help tone the skin, but don’t expect a miracle. There’s no magic laser or pill yet proven to tighten neck skin like a surgical procedure.

Seamless surgery: Research the long-term reprieve a cheek and neck lift can provide. Smith Cosmetic Surgery’s mini facelift, or cheek and neck lift, can reverse accelerated signs of aging in the cheek, jowl and neck area.

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